Weather and Bounce House Safety

Every once in a while, bounce houses make the news for all the wrong reasons, usually due to a weather related event. As a professional bounce house rental company, we strive to provide safe and affordable fun for our customers, and that safety goes on to include restrictions on use during certain weather events.

First off, bounce houses cannot be used at all when wet, during rain, or during high winds (20 MPH for Group A & B, and 15 MPH for the Giant Slide). Our bounce houses are “dry” bouncers and are not designed to be used wet, and are very slick and can be dangerous when wet, thus they absolutely must be dried out before use if they do get wet. Rain is also problematic due to the blowers being designed for use in dry conditions. Thus there is a personal risk of electrocution in rainy or wet conditions, and the blower can also short out if used when wet. Finally, high wind accidents are the most frequent cause of bounce houses making the news for the wrong reasons. If the wind is forecast to be too high for operation, we will be forced to cancel events.